School girls



Mabel is wonderful at helping Rose with her homework, at least until Rose starts goofing off and Mabel starts threatening severe punishments (such as excluding Rose from her fish club, which will feature the aquarium Mabel is making from an empty tissue box.) But sometimes they work together peacefully for several minutes before everything falls apart.

P.S. I miss my little Canon PowerShot.

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3 Responses to School girls

  1. Jen says:

    Grace (my three-year-old) just saw these pictures and said, “That’s me when I was younger!” She must be the Time Traveler’s Daughter?

  2. jbug says:

    one day I came home from school and Asked adam what he had done that that day,he said: “I tried having an aquarium. It had a leak.”
    I looked in the kitchen,on the counter there was:
    a Ziplock bag with a little hole in it, a pool of water,
    and little fish(strips of paper)

  3. Mrs. Organic says:

    It’s so fun when they play school. My oldest daughter has been “teacher” ever since she could speak.

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