Rose plays the kid-humor trump card

Warning: This blog post contains immature content that may not be appropriate for older audiences.

At school today Rose learned this rhyme: “I’m Scat the cat! I’m sassy and fat! If you don’t like my color, I can change it like that [clap]!”

I made up this variation: “I’m Hazel the baby! I’m sassy and fat! If my diaper gets stinky, you can change it like that!”

Rose thought that this was pretty funny, but that she could top it:  “I’m Hazel the baby! My diaper is stinky! If you don’t change my diaper then I’ll FART IN YOUR FACE!”

Henry agreed that this was the winning version. I just really hope that Rose’s sense of humor doesn’t come out during kindergarten, but it’s probably a vain hope.


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3 Responses to Rose plays the kid-humor trump card

  1. lili says:

    I’m reminded of a couple months ago when I said “bye, Rose!” And she promptly replied, “Bye, poo!” And then suddenly made a face like “whoops, that slipped out–am I going to be in trouble?” I responded by saying, “Oh. Are you still going through that stage?” And she said, “yeah.”

  2. the MomB says:

    This morning Rose’s kindergarten teacher told me that yesterday she’d noticed Rose was wearing shorts to school. It seemed a tiny bit odd , but she didn’t think much about it. Not too much later, however, Rose was wearing pants! Miss W. said something like, “Rose, what happened to your shorts?” & Rose replied nonchalantly that sometimes she just liked to pull her (stretch) pants way up. Miss W. had prefaced this story with, “You have a very funny granddaughter.”

  3. jbug says:

    I’m Jane the pain,
    I’m sassy and fat,
    if you don’t like my attitude,
    I’ll kick you like that!
    Funny,very funny.

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