When you’re five and everything is fresh and exciting and you have the BEST kindergarten teacher in the world, imagination trumps reason. Every time.

Rose came home from kindergarten very excited. “Mom, we read the story about the gingerbread man that runs away. And when we were waiting to come to school, Miss W. made a gingerbread man, and then when we got there we put M&Ms on it, and we gave it to the lunch ladies and we went outside, and when we got back he was gone! He turned into real and he got out of the oven and runned away! It was real. It wasn’t pretend, Mom–he really did run away! I don’t know how he got out of the oven, but he did.”

“Wow! How do you think he did that?”

“Well, Miss W. thought maybe one of the other classes ate him, and one of the kids thought he was under the wrapper, but he wasn’t, but the wrapper smelled like him. But we think he turned into real and runned away. Maybe he got into our classroom and popped into the book and started running.” She pauses for a moment. “But that other time when our family made gingerbread mans, they didn’t run away. So that’s weird.”

“That’s true. Do you think it was just pretend that he ran away?”

“No.” Rose smiles broadly. “It wasn’t pretend, it was real!”



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13 Responses to When you’re five and everything is fresh and exciting and you have the BEST kindergarten teacher in the world, imagination trumps reason. Every time.

  1. Melanie J says:

    I wish I still had that kind of imagination.

  2. Lili says:

    I went on a gingerbread man hunt when I was in kindergarten, too. I was so perplexed as to where he went. It was magical.

  3. marymary says:

    This is so, so sweet and cute, and also kind of heartbreaking. By the way, Jane and Zuzu both loved their kindergarten gingerbread man hunt, but they were players alongers, not true believers like Rosie.

  4. Jen says:

    So from the illustration, does that mean the gingerbread man actually turned into Henry?

  5. zstitches says:

    Mary, I think there’s an element of playing along for Rose, too–she really wants to believe, so she chooses to, and when she remembered a less magical prior experience with gingerbread men, she dismissed it as “weird” and not relevant. I think the reason she’s also so insistent on it being real is that she can guess that I wouldn’t think so. (You have to bear in mind that Mabel’s also done lots of fantasy play with Rose and also sometimes will insist that something is real, and Rose plays along, partly credulous but also partly just wanting it to be real.)

    Jen–Ha, that’s an astute observation.

  6. Lili says:

    My memory is that I really wanted to believe… which is surprising, since by M & Z’s accounts, I was usually un-foolable (foolproof?)

    I had no idea the gingerbread man was the snipe hunt of kindergarten–and that it is so widespread

  7. zstitches says:

    Lili, leprechaun traps and hunts are big business in KG these days, too. Another thought, though: Miss W.’s mom is also a longtime Orem KG teacher, who could have shared ideas with your KG teacher.

  8. Jennette says:

    Cute, cute, cute!! I love having a new kindergartender too.

  9. Jennette says:

    did I just say kindergar-tender? whatever…

  10. zstitches says:

    I figured that was probably a typo, but I loved it.

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