Speaking of which, are dead horses frumpy? (What if it’s just their heads? As depicted between satin sheets in a mob movie?)

[I’m not sure how low I’m stooping by re-posting stuff from Facebook on my blog; likely very low.  But, see, there’s not a complete overlap between my blog readership and my Facebook friends, yet.  Perhaps it could be said that frumpy is as frumpy does . . .]


I like to look at pictures of trendy clothes and imagine how they could be adapted to be wearable for someone like me (i.e. older than 15 and larger than a size 2,) but I just realized that what I’m actually doing is figuring out how to water down the stylishness of clothes until they’re suitably frumpy and out of date.

Geo Alan
Geo Alan:

i wonder if frumpy will ever become fashionable, like, say, grunge. come to think of it, frumpy works pretty good on me.
Zina Wheeler
Frumpy and fashionable are antonyms, so if frumpy becomes fashionable, it won’t be frumpy. (I make so much sense on so little sleep.)
Geo Alan
Geo Alan:
were not grunge and fashionable likewise antonymous before grunge became fashionable? hence the original question. and i am capable of making little sense on much sleep, current deprivation notwithstanding.
Jason Huntington
Frumpy’s a quality that can be affected. Its trappings: frowsy, frizzy, lumpy, and frightful, could be packaged and sold like bedheadedness. Disney would eventually bescreen the qualities as flat characters in the animated feature, Geo Alan and His Four Dwarf Dates.
Amy Tanner Mason
How bout frazzled? Is there a line for ‘frazzled’?
Geo Alan
Geo Alan:

@zina: but your point is well taken.
Jason Huntington

Thanks Amy. The fifth dwarf will be Frazzled. The five will get into many fracases and prefer fricassees.
Zina Wheeler
Because I’m merciless to deceased equines, I feel the need to point out a difference between being grungy and being frumpy: being grungy is a state it’s easy for a young person to slip into when she (or, particularly, he) rebels against or ignores the hygiene edicts and traditions of authoritarian adults, or if he is just too busy taking drugs to care. Since contemporary fashion is all about youth culture, it’s easy to see how grunge was able to stake a claim in the fashion world (and I think its influence persists.) Frumpiness, however, is mostly the territory of middle-aged women who may be trying to look nice but can’t manage any better. Grunge is about not trying; frump is about trying and not succeeding. It’s therefore my belief that frumpiness will never rise to prominence in the realm of fashion. (No matter how much some of us might wish it so.)
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9 Responses to Speaking of which, are dead horses frumpy? (What if it’s just their heads? As depicted between satin sheets in a mob movie?)

  1. Kristina says:

    So, this topic came up at work yesterday. When I moved to the other office, I had no idea exactly how much more casual people are up there. We work with kids, but we also work in a professional counseling setting, with parents and other professionals.

    I have a nice wardrobe and I dress pretty well. I love wearing skirts and cute, casual dresses, etc. I don’t show up wearing a suit or anything. The rule is that we can’t wear jeans, except on Fridays. Apparently, that means that sweatpants are OK, with plastic platform flip flops.

    The people around me, who are therapists even, look like they rolled out of bed, walked around Walmart for 10 hours, went gardening, forgot to shower, and then rolled into work. No joke. There is casual, there is frumpy, and then there is this.

    And I had the director of our division tell me how much she noticed what I wear and how I look very put together and professional. It’s actually made me a bit uncomfortable working up there because I feel so out of the norm, and yet, I’m not super dressed up.

  2. zstitches says:

    “Apparently, that means that sweatpants are OK, with plastic platform flip flops.”

    Exactly. When I worked as a checkout clerk at the BYU Bookstore, we had a no jeans rule, which I always thought was kind of hoity-toity and unreasonable if you were going to employ students who were also attending classes–but also, they employed a few full-time non-student clerks, and although they didn’t wear jeans, they did wear faded and pilled ill-fitting knit pants, etc. One of my supervisors even tried to lobby to let us wear at least colored jeans (which I guess are dressier than blue jeans?) because she thought that might end up working better than some of our shabby alternatives. (Her campaign was rejected.)

    I’ll bet if you were in your location long enough, the other people might start dressing up a little more–my mom works at a library and when she started (years ago) everyone there dressed extremely casually (post-hippie-ish) but she dressed nicely (not suits, like you say, but nice skirts or slacks,) and after a while more and more people there followed her example.

  3. Jen says:

    Thanks from a non-FB friend, though while reading, I was wondering if I could find you just based on your first name… 😉

  4. debbie says:

    I’m not your friend on FB so I enjoyed it! Love any discussion on the clothing habits of people.

  5. Jason says:

    In your blog version, you gave yourself the last word. It’s OK though. I’m a big boy. {Sniff}

  6. zstitches says:

    Yeah, I know. But I had already posted this when you added to the thread, and I didn’t feel like updating the post. You’ll just have to always make sure you check my blog before adding to any Facebook threads from now on. (The answer to every problem is to make a new rule.) (Kidding! Definitely kidding. Totally kidding.)

    If I *had* updated the post, I’d have also added another reply, which is that while it may be possible for non-middle-aged women to look frumpy, when younger women look frumpy, they look more like middle-aged women.

  7. OhSusanna says:

    I prefer the term dowdy, thank you very much.

  8. Jason says:

    If no one else has dibs on blowsy, I’ll take it. Otherwise, it’s fusty for me.

  9. Jennette says:

    Since I missed this on FB (I’ve been a bit out of the internet habits lately), this has made my morning. I say this as I sit in my dumpy sweats and old argyle socks…and very comfortable, btw.

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