Tees tease

I might take better photos tomorrow, but I had so much fun making these latest iron-on transfer t-shirts that I couldn’t wait to post pictures. This is my new favorite quick creative project.  The gratification is near-instantaneous, they only cost a few dollars to make, and my kids love wearing them.




The striped one was Photoshopped from a printable coloring page, and the heart border on Rose’s is from a vintage valentine.

At least one person asked for a tutorial, but in case I never get around to it, you could always just buy a pack of transfer sheets and follow the instructions that come with them.  You can buy them from an office supply store or fabric store (I’m pretty sure I also looked for them at craft stores but didn’t find them,) and pay attention to whether you’re buying the ones for white-to-very-light shirts or for dark shirts.  The ones for dark shirts cost more and the instructions are different.

I’d tell you which brands are best, but I’m not sure yet–I’ve tried two brands and so far the first brand does crack in the wash after just a few washings, and I haven’t tried washing the other brand.  I did try an internet search to see which brands people liked, but found numerous complaints for every brand, so you might not want to try this on any project that has to last.

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11 Responses to Tees tease

  1. Lili says:

    These are so awesome.
    And Rose is beautiful.

  2. the MomB says:

    You know I love these.

  3. Trina says:

    I just did two robot shirts for Caleb’s birthday, but your striped one beats both of mine. I agree that these are great projects–even if the transfers don’t last. I’ve actually had pretty good luck with mine–some have even been handed down a couple of times and still look decent. I don’t remember the brand, though. . .

  4. Brian says:

    You robot t-shirt reminded me of my amazingly talented cousin, Stephanie, and the birthday party she threw for her boy, Creed. It was a robot party and she made cute robot shirts as party favors. Thought you might be interested in seeing her works:


  5. Kristina P. says:

    I love them! You are so creative.

  6. Lis says:

    I love the robots. I may have to do something like that for the boys.

  7. Jen says:

    My hubby got a Sleestacks one for Christmas that he just loved, and it hasn’t washed very well either.

  8. libilu says:

    You could let Henry color the robots with fabric markers. Wait, no, bad idea. Forget I said anything. It would be cute, though.

    • Grandma B says:

      That’s a very good & cute bad idea, libilu.

      • zstitches says:

        He did get to color a printed paper age of the image, at least. He colored it all brown. He LOVES to color. Yesterday he covered three pages with dense red scribbles, and Dean called it Henry’s “Red Series.”

  9. jbug says:

    who does Rosie wear that around? Does she get teesed? I wish I were as brave as

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