Defensive much?

Me:  “Do you guys want grapes with your lunch?”

Mabel:  “There aren’t any left.  At least, there’s no bag of grapes in the fridge.”

Me:  [Jaw drops open with surprise–grapes were just purchased yesterday.]

Mabel:  “There were still grapes left when I went to bed last night!  You and Dad must have eaten them all.  Hypocrite!”

Me:  “I didn’t eat any.”


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4 Responses to Defensive much?

  1. Hannah says:

    This is why I don’t teach my kids words like “hypocrite”.

  2. zstitches says:

    Yeah, I tried to keep that one from her. I did deliberately teach her what “OCD tendencies” meant, then forgot I had until I noticed it’s part of her daily vocabulary (to explain things like how she likes to keep her cousins’ play kitchen in perfect order. Her mother’s real kitchen is a whole ‘nother story.)

  3. OhSusanna says:

    The outcomes of your photoshop skills always please me.

  4. jbug says:

    who wants bunnys in thier grapes? If I were mabel I would throw them in the trash!!!!! Maybe that’s where they are!!!!!!

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