Animal Church

The kids walked home after church today and got home before Dean and I did.  By then, Mabel, Rose, and Henry had created this setup:




So far while I’ve been uploading these photos, Bishop Duck has made announcements and given a short talk about how choosing the right can help us feel the Spirit, more testimonies have been shared, and now they’ve divided into Priesthood, Relief Society, and Primary groups.  In Primary they’re greeting visitors with a welcome song.

Today our Relief Society lesson (in real church) was based on a General Conference talk, “Reverence and Respect,” and we discussed how kids need opportunities to practice appropriate church behavior.  So it was fun to come home and find my kids having their own improvised church practice.

(I did have to take Rose out of Sacrament Meeting for a few minutes’ time-out today, and while I was holding her on my lap she kicked me with her heels, so I have a new bruise on my shin as a reward for my efforts to teach reverence at Real Church.)

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6 Responses to Animal Church

  1. Kristina says:

    This is so cute! You must be so proud.

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    Once our parents caught us having our own impromptu sacrament meeting complete with the bread and water, talks, and prayers. My dad wasn’t too happy with our trying on the priesthood. In our defense we used to have to have home church a few times in the Philippines during typhoon season when the weather was to dangerous to leave the house.

  3. Jessie W. says:

    I’m impressed by their organization skills, lol! Sorry to hear about the shin kick, not fun! Kids are hazardous, lol. When I was in St. George I got headbutted on my nose by Indy. PAINFUL!!

  4. Thora says:

    I love this! And I love how clean your living room is, even with tons of stuffed animals in it. I have a dream of someday keeping my house nice enough for random pictures….

    I hope my daughter grows up to be like Mabel.

  5. zstitches says:

    Corrie, I had a missionary companion who confided that she and her sisters used to baptize each other in their backyard swimming pool, very authentically.

    Jessie, OUCH! I hope your nose has recovered.

    Thora, photos can be deceiving–thanks to our amazing babysitters who were here last night, our living room looks tidy (although here you can’t see the piano heaped with nearly-toppled piles of our summer reading) but it is very, very grubby–the carpet is long overdue for a cleaning, and the blue sofa has all kinds of stains including jam and ball point pen. I cringe when anyone’s close enough to get a good look.

  6. Acheté says:

    Mabel is brilliant as usual. I would love to have heard what Bishop Duck and the testimonies said. Children spend a lot of time roleplaying to understand the world they live in.

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