All-you-can-eat buffet restaurant brings family closer (in which you’ll learn more about ceramics than you were anticipating)

Mabel:  “Mom, I realized we always all sit in the same places, so we changed it around.  Now you have to sit there!”

Me: “But I never sit next to Daddy.  I’m too shy.”

Rose: “But you got married so you can be together.”

Me:  “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Rose:  “Mom, how do they make plates?”

Me:  “They use special clay that’s soft like Play-Doh, and they make it into the shape, and then they bake it in a really really hot oven, which is called firing it, and that makes it hard.  Then they put another layer of clay on that’s called the glaze, and they fire it again, and then it’s done.”

Mabel:  “You know how to make plates?”

Me:  “Pretty much.”

Dean:  “Do you know what actually happens when the clay is fired?”

Me:  “The silicates bond together?”

Dean:  “You know what that’s called?”

Me:  “Glassification?”

Dean:  “Yeah. That’s right.”

Me:  “Really?  It’s really called glassification?  How did I know that?”

Dean: “The clay has ceramics like magnesium oxide and aluminum oxide and calcium oxide, and the oven’s not hot enough to melt the metal oxide particles, but it does melt the silica, so the metals hold the shape,”

Me: “And the silica melts around them?”

Dean: “So it’s like a concrete around gravel.  Which is what ceramics are.”

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5 Responses to All-you-can-eat buffet restaurant brings family closer (in which you’ll learn more about ceramics than you were anticipating)

  1. Lili says:

    I just spent five minutes trying to remember the term I learned at West Dean for what you just described:


  2. Amy says:

    I am surprised your discussion didn’t include the terms greenware & bisqueware. 😉 Glassification- what a great word!

  3. Melanie J says:

    We have an astonishing number of conversations like this at our house. My son is amazed by the number of things that his dad and I know.

    We owe it all to Jeopardy.

  4. Reading this is like watching the history channels “How it’s made” series – wait did they do one on plates?

  5. jrh98409 says:

    I wonder whether glaziers post their help-wanted ads in the glassifieds.

    The first item in this post reminded me that at table Grandma Grace sat (by the kitchen entry) next to Roy on his left. (I sat on his right.)

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