And don’t for a second think I won’t make you hear the whole explanation

Mabel just caught me absent-mindedly singing “I’m a little peacock, short and flat.”

The perfectly logical explanation for this subconsciously-conjured song is that in Henry’s Parent/Tot swimming class, to teach the kids to lie on their backs and then switch to their tummies, they sing a version of “I’m a Little Teapot” that’s been changed to:  “I’m a little pancake, nice and flat.  I like to lie here on my back.  I’m a little pancake, nice and flat, flip me over just like that.”  And, obviously, teapot + pancake = peacock.


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10 Responses to And don’t for a second think I won’t make you hear the whole explanation

  1. marymary says:

    Thank you for the illustration.

  2. Annette says:

    Sure. That makes perfect sense.

  3. I listen to so much stupid children’s music in the car that I find myself singing very odd things at times. I don’t judge you in the least.

  4. Lili says:

    I took a photo of a flat little birdie today. Was sad. But its plumage was so colorful…

  5. debbie says:

    No judging from over here! You should hear the crazy things I sing. On second thought, you should be glad you don’t!

  6. Firstly,

    I loved your thoughts on my “bad” mother post. LOVED. Thank you.

    And this is just too funny. I get words all mixed up all the time too. I blame fatigue.

  7. OhSusanna says:

    That illustration makes the entire post.

  8. the MomB says:

    How did you DO that / find those?

  9. zstitches says:

    Google Image Search, Mom, and I’ll add the term “coloring page” if I’m looking for a simple line drawing. Then I do a little Photoshopping.

  10. American Yak says:

    Seriously. The addition of imaginary illustrations/photos, such as yon, makes AWESOME.

    Fait accompli.

    Keep it up and you’ll start winning awards, or at least you should.

    If you ever wrote a novel, I think I’d go crazy with excitement.

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