Ministrations vs. administration

While I’m nursing Hazel, Henry comes into my room, crying that he’s gotten hurt.

“Why don’t you climb up here on the bed and I can give you a hug?  Oh, wait, you have your shoes on.  You need to take your shoes off first, because shoes are dirty, and they’ll get my bed dirty.”

“No, shoes KEAN [clean]!”  He climbs up on the bed.

“No, shoes are always dirty.  You need to take your shoes off.”

Henry proceeds to take his shoes off, then looks at his hands and says, “Hands dirty.”

“Oh.  Okay, well, go wash your hands then.”

He runs off to wash his hands — leaving his shoes and socks on my bed — and doesn’t return.

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2 Responses to Ministrations vs. administration

  1. Jen says:

    This made me laugh. A lot. I love these little posts of funny things your munchkins do.

  2. American Yak says:

    Ha ha ha, saw that one coming!

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