Miscellaneous. Also boring.

On Facebook, my brother-in-law just linked to this article which features photos that appear to be Photoshopped, but aren’t.  I’d seen a couple of the photos before, but most were new to me and pretty cool.

Also, I finished a second cradle mattress for Hazel’s cradle, and in time that she can actually use it for a while before she gets too big for the cradle.  (Alert — this is about to get very boring.)  The original mattress was just 1″ thick and I always thought it seemed too hard, so when Henry was a baby I ordered a mattress, but it didn’t really fit my cradle right and he could have gotten wedged between the mattress and cradle bars, so I sent it back.  And I could have used a baby quilt for extra padding, but when Hazel gets more mobile a quilt could bunch up under her, and if it’s too soft she could bury her nose in it and suffocate.  So I made a second 1″ mattress of foam covered with vinyl, pretty much the same as the original one, and I’ll use both together.  I could only find flannel-backed vinyl and I correctly guessed that it was going to be miserable getting the foam to lie correctly inside the vinyl cover once it was sewn, because the foam sticks to the flannel rather than sliding into the corners nicely.  Also in general I hate that sort of sewing, and also Dean thinks that a second inch of foam won’t really make the bed much softer for Hazel — but he only voiced that opinion after I’d already bought the foam and vinyl, so I figured I might as well complete the project, and I’m glad it’s done. Now I can move on to making cradle sheets, which will be marginally more fun.

Update:  Now with baby-enhanced images!



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2 Responses to Miscellaneous. Also boring.

  1. Lili says:

    I love it when you say you might not be blogging as much, because then you seem to blog more 😀

  2. Anneke says:

    The baby makes the mattress worth looking at.

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