Comment cull *in real time*!

I just barely left this comment at my cousin Laura’s post about the mayhem that ensues when the doorbell is rung:

Oh yeah.  My neighbor stopped by a couple evenings ago to tell Dean something (Dean wasn’t home) and Henry climbed on the neighbor’s scooter, Rose also tried to, Mabel tried to stop her, Rose tried to run away, Mabel dragged Rose across the lawn on her bum, Rose screamed, I told Mabel to go have a time-out for trying to discipline her sister when that’s my job, Mabel weepingly protested that Rose would have run far without her intervention and possibly been lost forever or kidnapped, and Rose out of spite (at least Mabel says it was from spite and not an accident) broke a glass jar that Mabel had put on the porch to keep plum pits in.

The neighbor helped me sweep up the glass.

So what I’m saying here, is, I hear you.  Also, modesty vs. saving a child’s life is always a tough choice for me, as well.

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