He says he didn’t even plan this one

Hazel was crying so I asked Ike to bring her to me, and he brought her still wrapped up in two layers of blankets. I asked, “Oh — you brought everything, huh?” and he answered, “Yup. The whole enchilada.”


More photo woes: Since some of my photos seem to be showing up now, I’ve hesitantly started braving photos again, and I have a perfect one to go with this post — but it’s on Dean’s camera, and since the kids have now destroyed both USB ports on the front of the computer and the camera card reader won’t fit into the USB port on the back of the computer (which I’d have to crawl under the desk to use, even if it would fit,) I guess all those photos (including some from Hazel’s blessing day) will have to stay on Dean’s camera indefinitely. Dean thinks he can install more USB ports in the floppy disk spot on the front of the computer, so (although it’s a small thing,) feel free to pray for me that he’ll do it soon and it will work and the kids won’t immediately break the new ports.

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2 Responses to He says he didn’t even plan this one

  1. Lili says:

    That’s kinda his dad’s humor.

    I’ll pray for you and your computer–but it’s kinda for selfish reasons.

  2. Jason says:

    Consider it p’rade.

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