Wish I’d had my camera with me

At Isaac’s last soccer game of the season today, the other team didn’t show. We’re not sure why; maybe because in the morning there had been pouring, drenching rain — but by afternoon, the sun was shining. So, our team’s parents formed a team and played against the boys. I was sad I was wearing slippery sandals (not that I’d have known what I was doing even in better shoes, but it would have been fun to try.) I actually had almost left the game after dropping Isaac off, but had turned around and come back because it was a beautiful day, and then I was glad I had because it was very entertaining watching the kids play against their parents. The parents won by one point. One dad made a goal while talking on his cell phone.

Also, I have a question: Can wind cause hives? The wind was blowing hard throughout the game and I kept scratching my neck, and when I looked in a mirror afterward I had large red blotches and small white bumps all over the front of my neck. I washed my neck, and the hives have mostly subsided. Maybe there was a whole lot of pollen in that wind.

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3 Responses to Wish I’d had my camera with me

  1. Annette says:

    That sounds like a fun time, actually! Except for the hives thing.

  2. I think that that was an impressive set of parents that showed up to the soccer game today!

    Apparently, wind caused hives are usually ascribed to extremes in temperature. Look under “cold-induced hives” at


    Interesting tidbit: “Feng zhen (wind rashes) is the Chinese name for urticaria [hives].”


  3. zstitches says:

    Wow! Thanks for doing that research for me. I guess I had wind hives.

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