Photo of Joseph Smith shows up in my husband’s grandma’s scrapbook?

My sister-in-law Kim Marshall was just featured on the local ABC news. Dean’s grandmother (who passed away a couple of years ago) gave her a scrapbook that included a photo print of Joseph Smith, and a few months ago she became curious and started doing her own research on whether it might be an actual print from an old daguerreotype negative; she now thinks that may be exactly what it is, and so far experts haven’t disproved her theory. She thinks the other known photo of Joseph Smith, which is in the Library of Congress and which some have thought was a photo of a painting, is a retouched photo from the same negative as her print, and the well-known and nearly identical painting was also based on the photo.

(I only heard about this tonight when my sister-in-law Amy called to tell us to watch the news tonight. Well, and I did see Kim post something about this on Facebook the other day but I didn’t realize she was talking about a new photo and just thought she’d taken an interest in the controversy over the Library of Congress photo.)

Kim’s blog about the photo can be found by clicking here.

Update: You can watch the news clip here.

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7 Responses to Photo of Joseph Smith shows up in my husband’s grandma’s scrapbook?

  1. Kristina says:

    That’s very cool! I hope it’s a real photograph.

  2. Jessie W. says:

    It is indeed a real photo. I’ve seen it 🙂

  3. Jason says:


  4. Lili says:

    verra kewl.

  5. American Yak says:

    That’s really funny because I’ve been obsessed of late with all the different possibilities that have been posted at various places online. It sure would be nice to actually have a legit daguerreotype (print?) of him.


  6. D.L. says:

    You know, as I compare this new photo with the death mask, the man in the photo just doesn’t have a pronounced enough chin compared the death mask. That’s just my view is all.

  7. American Yak says:

    D.L.: just something to consider…have you ever seen the face of a dead person? I’ve always wondered how representative those death masks were. When my grandmother died and I saw her face, I was shocked how much it didn’t look like her. The face sags and is deformed. Weird depressions make facial features different. I’ve often wondered how different Joseph Smith looked compared to the face masks. For example, how much cheek is lost? Were his eyes really that depressed, or was that part of his altered/deformed look at death? How much of his face was “fixed” from that window fall? Was his face firmer around his chin, showing less bone?

    Just something to consider. I’m no expert, but these seem logical considerations.

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