Through a glass darkly

Zina: “You know, even though, since I’ve raised our kids since they were tiny and cared for them, I of course feel very close to them, there’s also this thing where they’re different from me and mysterious to me. They look different from me, they have different life experiences, and I can’t go everywhere they go or read their minds, so even though I’m closer to them than almost anyone else, they’re still separate from me and I can’t know them completely.”

Dean: “Yeah. Yesterday when I was driving Ike and his friends to school, after they’d traded Bakugans — Isaac traded his big one for two small ones — they started talking and they were going on and on, and I thought, ‘He really knows a LOT about this — more than I’ll ever know — he cares about Bakugan so he’s taken the time to learn all about them.”

Zina: “Now you know how I feel about your engineering.”

Footnote: When I was titling this post, I got deja vu and did a search of my own blog. Sure enough, I’d used the title before, although for a different reason.

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5 Responses to Through a glass darkly

  1. Trina says:

    Oh, I so relate to this post!

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    That other post is quite possibly my favorite. Ever.

  3. marymary says:

    I was saying something very similar to your first paragraph there to Peter just this last week. It is mysterious. I always knew that my children wouldn’t just be little extensions of myself but the degree to which they truly are “other” still surprises me.

  4. zstitches says:

    Definitely, Mary — your kids are way more “other” than mine are! (Totally kidding.)

  5. jennie w. says:

    That’s totally funny!

    P.S. Thanks for the scripture reference.

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