A Friday without any appointments is a beautiful thing. (It’s a treat when a stay-at-home-mom actually gets to stay home.)

I’m so discouraged about the unresolved mystery of the disappearing photos that I’ve nearly lost my will to write blog posts. Only my kids’ most noteworthy antics are capable of pulling me out of my blogging slump.

It’s been a long, exhausting week, replete with kids’ soccer games and practices, doctor visits, Relief Society meetings and activities, and a meeting about the gifted and talented program Mabel was accepted into for next year (we’re still deciding whether to send her, because of various complications which I could easily write about at length, but won’t.) I’ve had an ever-worsening cold, and poor Hazel has a stuffy nose, so we’ve been up with her every night squirting saline in her nose and suctioning it out. (She screams bloody murder, but as soon as we stop she looks up at us and gives us big grins.) I’ve been asking myself lots of deep existential questions such as, “Why don’t I just pull Ike and Mabel out of school and make them full-time babysitters?”

(Oh, dear. I put Hazel in her swing in the living room, and Rose and Henry just ran downstairs, Rose shouting, “Mommy, Mommy, you won’t believe it! Hazel’s watching TV too”!)

Yesterday Rose informed me that Henry had left ten popsicles on a table in the family room, and, sure enough, they were melted to jewel-toned liquids which their paper wrappers were barely containing. I did not think it worthwhile to re-freeze them, so I emptied their juices into the sink and threw away the wrappers.

A few minutes ago Rose came to me again, telling me that this time Henry had left out the “cream popsicles.” Sure enough, he was sitting casually on the fabric couch in the living room, eating a Haagen Dazs bar, and he’d left the box with the remaining bars on the kitchen floor, along with this evidence:

From BlogPics 2

Henry made his usual apology: “Sowweee.” Fortunately Rose had caught him in time that the remaining bars seemed intact. Rose wanted one, too, so I put bibs on both of them (Henry already had chocolate all over his pajamas) and made them eat their ice cream bars at the table, thus proving to the kids that mischief and tattling have their rewards. (I am actually a fan of tattling when it helps rescue ice cream bars.)

Yesterday I asked Ike if he wants to play recreational soccer again next year, and he said, “No, because I like to keep my schedule more free.” As much as I myself could benefit from a lighter schedule, that answer didn’t sit entirely well with me — it’s not as though his schedule is all so tight. But he’s taking a full year of P.E. at Jr. High next year, and it’s true that he doesn’t get much chance to play with friends during soccer season (he’s also had a couple big homework projects this week,) so I guess I’m okay with that. (One of his homework projects was a pop-up book for a book report, and he hates writing, so the writing part of it nearly killed him and us.)

(Oh, dear. Rose just reported that Henry got into another ice cream bar, and when I took this one away, Henry was very, very angry with me. It’s confusing when sometimes your mom lets you keep the spoils, and other times actually disciplines you.)

Unfortunately Ike’s full year of P.E. didn’t leave space in his Jr. High schedule to study a language next year, and it’s a shame because Isaac’s pretty good with language. His other big homework project this week (one he likes much better,) is to design a board game for a math project, and his board is a map with various invented countries. These are the names of the countries:


(Those are the two main opposing countries. Between them lie):

Rotten Egglund
Yakblah Reservation
Tsing Wastes

I wish I could say that Ike got his gift for naming things from me, but actually, of his two parents, Dean’s the one with a knack for naming.

As long as I’m bragging about my kids:

At the meeting for the gifted & talented program, the kids got to meet their teachers, and Mabel was one of the last in line to meet hers. The director of the gifted & talented program for the whole district was standing nearby, and when she heard Mabel introduce herself to the teacher, the director came over and said, “Mabel W.? The Mabel W.? I read your essay [on the placement exam] and I loved it! Don’t tell the other kids this, but as soon as I read your essay I thought, ‘This girl is A.L.L. material.'” [A.L.L. is the name of the program.] She even asked Mabel if she could make a photocopy of her essay for future use.

Now I’m wishing I’d asked for a photocopy, too. Oh, well — I have the results of Mabel’s creativity in heaps all over my house. Just last night, inspired by Isaac’s homework project, Mabel made a pop-up book about a puppy. I guess I could take photos of it and post them here, but that will have to be a project for another time (not that I’m making any promises,) because Hazel has now tired of television and wants her mommy.

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6 Responses to A Friday without any appointments is a beautiful thing. (It’s a treat when a stay-at-home-mom actually gets to stay home.)

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    I’m convinced I live in Snarkistan what with having a 14 year old and all. Ike is brilliant. Is Plahswana a math-oriented country?

    And woot! Mabel is already famous. I love that the teacher complimented her.

    • zstitches says:

      Ah — rereading I see that it’s unclear whether it was the teacher or the director who complimented Mabel. It was the *director* — as soon as she overheard Mabel tell the teacher her name, she inserted herself into the conversation. So it was really high praise.

  2. Deborah Gibbons says:

    We have been doing ALL since we moved here (6th grade last year, and my 5th grader this year). In Colorado they called it GT (gifted and talented), and my son was involved in that from 3rd – 5th grade, until we moved here. We have been impressed with the program here. It helps that it is in our home school:-) Congratulations to Mabel for doing such a great job!

  3. First of all, hi! (I hopped over to “spy” on you.) Second, your family is beautiful and seems chock-full of personality (that’s a GOOD thing). Third, your house seems as busy and exhausting as mine – maybe more so. You’re doing good stuff there, mom. Really you are.

  4. Well, I came over here to spy and then say exactly what Steph of D&D said. So now I’ll just say, DITTO!

    So nice to meet you,

  5. Jennette says:

    Wow, I enjoy your posts….even w/o pictures. But I just wanted to pipe in to say that I’m totally a fan of tattling when it saves Haagen Daas bars too. Good call!

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