Another photo test

I’m trying a different method of linking to photos to see if it makes a difference. Can you see 4 photos, Mom?

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15 Responses to Another photo test

  1. Thora says:

    I’m not your Mom, but sadly I can’t see any pictures. Although I did change the format on my blog, so you should be able to post comments there now. Good luck getting your pictures back!

  2. Virginia Wood says:

    Zina, I see three beautiful pictures!

  3. Acheté says:

    I see all four.

    • zstitches says:

      Now you guys need to help me figure out what’s different about Mom’s, Thora’s, Aunt Ginger’s, and my computer from yours. (Or just help me figure out a more reliable way to host photos. It’s just that I’d become rather fond of Picasa, until this betrayal.)

  4. Lili says:

    Yep. In reader and on blog

  5. debbie says:

    Four beautiful photos of two gorgeous kids. Did I pass the test?

  6. the MomB says:

    I see 4 photos in this post. Too bad not everybody has the same result.

  7. the MomB says:

    Oh, and they’re so cute it’s almost unendurable.

  8. Trina says:

    On the bright side, you seem to have a wonderful supply of really cute photos to run your tests with. They’re really fun to see (all 4 of them) :-).

  9. libilu says:

    Ummm, I didn’t see any, and no Picasa to save the day this time….

  10. the MomB says:

    On this viewing I see none.

  11. Mrs. Organic says:

    I can see 4 in both firefox and IE. I’m using Vista. Do they have Macs?

  12. American Yak says:

    I see three beautiful pictures and one ugly one.


  13. the MomB says:

    Today I see 3. It’s been different every day.

    Rob: lol

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