A while ago I had Mabel put a load of underwear in the washer and then I had Isaac put in the soap and run it on warm. I just went to put it in the dryer — and discovered that the load she had put in was a load of unsorted laundry, with none of the stains pre-pretreated, and including dark jeans, white t-shirts, red things, and other colors that I never wash in warm or together.

She’s at her soccer game now so I can’t even yell at her.

Fortunately, the only thing that seems to have been harmed by the incident is my equanimity.

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3 Responses to Grrrr

  1. Erin says:

    Is now a good time to say that’s why I never let anyone else in the house touch the dirty laundry?

    Or does that show that I am a slave in my own family?

    I’m sorry for your big pile of pink laundry!

  2. Kristina says:

    Oh no! That is honestly the worst!

  3. zstitches says:

    Well, thankfully nothing appears to have bled. It’s almost making me think I should do all my laundry that way. *Almost.* And Mabel was lucky that by the time I told her what she’d done I was calm, and she was even able to explain to me how she’d misunderstood my request. Better luck next time.

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