Sting my mama conscience

Remember how I used to keep up this blog fairly consistently, and you all wondered how I managed to do that even though I had four kids? I’ll tell you how — I only had four kids, and none of them was a nursing newborn.

(Nevertheless, I do have something quick to write, a little conversation that just took place between me and Rose):


Me: “Rose, it’s quiet time. You’re supposed to be playing in your room.”

Rose: “Can I please play WonderPets down here in the family room?”

Me: “Okay. But you have to be quiet.”

Rose: [Having gotten out the costume box] “Actually, I’m going to play Little Red Riding Hood. Want to play with me?”

Me: “No. I want to read on the computer. You’re supposed to be having a quiet time, so don’t talk to me.”

Rose: “Corda [her toy lamb] will play with me. Corda, want to play with me?”

Me: [Continues trying to catch up several days’ worth of new posts in Google Reader. Upstairs, Hazel starts to cry.]

Rose: “Mom, can I just say one thing to you?”

Me: “NO. I’m trying to read. I need you to be quiet.”

Rose: “You can still play with me — we can pretend you’re the mom reading on the computer, and you can be in the game that way.”

Me: “Okay.”


P.S. I’m going upstairs to feed Hazel, and Rose wants to get on the computer. I asked, “But I thought you were playing Little Red Riding Hood,” and her answer was, “I am. I’m going to play Little Red Riding Hood going on the computer.”

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5 Responses to Sting my mama conscience

  1. Marie-Laure says:

    Congratulations! Hazel is beautiful.
    Great pictures!

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    Ooo she’s a tricky one.

  3. Lili says:

    That’s pretty similar to my conversation(s) with her a few weeks ago. I told you, but I’ll tell your readers.

    I was having a lazy day at mom’s, still in bed, reclined, with my laptop open. Rosie comes in, full of energy and play ideas. I’m still feeling lazy.

    Rose: “Do you want to play family with me, Lili?”
    Me: “Uh…”
    Rose: “Where I’m the little girl, and you’re the mommy in her pajamas in bed with her computer?”
    Me: “Okay!”

    This scene, (I’m embarrassed for my laziness to admit), repeated about a week later.

    Rose: “Do you want to play with me, Lili?”
    Me: “You mean the game where I’m the mommy in bed in her pajamas with the computer and you’re the little girl?”
    Rose: “Yeah!”
    Me: “Okay!”

  4. debbie says:

    They do have a one-track mind when it comes to getting our attention, don’t they?

  5. Elliot says:

    This is great! Isn’t the “can do” attitude of children so awesome, and powerful! Why do people lose that as they get older? I don’t want to lose that attitude when I grow up.

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