Mysterious corpses and lavish wealth

Mabel got a swim towel and goggles from her friend at her birthday party yesterday (in real life.) (And what a cool gift idea, huh?)

Then last night she dreamed:

Instead of ordinary goggles, her friend had given her a mask that enabled her to breathe under water for up to 20 minutes. We went to the beach and she swam into the water and saw a dead body lying on the sand underwater. Then it opened its eyes. She was very frightened and swam back to shore and told all of her family (except for Hazel, who, she said in recounting the dream, “We must have left alone at home,”) and we each swam down but couldn’t see the dead body. Then Mabel swam into the water again and saw a huge treasure chest, and we all helped her bring it back to shore. It was almost as tall as Mabel and was full of all kinds of gems and crowns and necklaces and also had a one-million-dollar bill.

With our newfound wealth, Dean bought a unicycle and joined a circus (“but not a traveling one,”) and some days he would ride his unicycle on a high wire in the circus and some days he still worked at BYU as a Chemical Engineer. People would pay him tips when they watched him perform at the circus because he was the best actor there, and this helped us become even more rich. Instead of plastic gem stickers, Rose had real gem stickers, and there were so many gems that you could easily reach into the treasure chest and find a necklace that was made entirely of diamonds. We bought a mansion, and Hazel had her own room with a crib that was covered in gems, and she also had a crown, and many servants who would carry her around and put her binky in and comfort her. I had a big soft throne in her bedroom that I would sit in to nurse her. And with the million-dollar-bill, we bought a huge piece of land that had nothing growing on it except for very, very green grass, and we planted flowers and vegetables and the kids would sell the vegetables, so we got even more rich. (Isaac said, (in real life when she was recounting her dream,) “That would be a lot of work,” and she said, “Well, we only planted a small area.”) And there was a patch where we dug up the grass and there was a lot of dirt, and we sprayed it with water to make it a big mud pile, and when Rose and Henry wanted to play they would roll in the mud, and we had so many clothes that it didn’t matter because they could just put on clean ones or buy new ones.

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6 Responses to Mysterious corpses and lavish wealth

  1. Kristina says:

    I want a unicycle now.

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    What a beautiful dream.

  3. Jason says:

    Mabel can be my life coach any day.

  4. Jessie W. says:

    That kid has one of the most vivid imaginations! She is so funny! I particularly liked the part about Dean riding a unicycle to work, and Hazel’s gem-covered crib, and your nursing throne. This dream sounds like it could be written into a children’s story book (minus the dead body on the beach part of course, lol). Any chance Mable will be drawing an interpretation of said dream on paper? LOL! Would be curious to see it!

  5. zstitches says:

    She’s remarkable, isn’t she, Jessie? I love how every person in our family got a role in the dream.

    I’ll ask her if she wants to draw it.

    When she was littler (3 or 4) she had a recurring dream about a mama seal with “sparkly” baby seals. It might have been inspired by a trip we took to Sea World when she was about three, but I also think it showed that she (her subconscious anyway) thinks motherhood is glamorous. Also that she loves animals.

  6. Jessie W. says:

    I’m getting the feeling Mabel loves gems, too, lol! She definitely is a remarkable kid with a great imagination! Hope you can get her to draw her last dream, it is sure to be entertaining, lol! 😀

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