And I don’t handle loss well

Twice today I’ve had ideas for what I thought would make funny blog posts. Non-kid-related ideas, even, or at least I think they were non-kid-related ideas, but I’m not entirely sure, because I only remember having the ideas, but have zero recollection of what the ideas actually were.

I guess this means I should start carrying a notebook around with me. But, while it’s cool for a novelist to carry around a notebook to jot down profound concepts, I fear it’s more towards the pathetic end of the spectrum if your jots are for your Mommy Blog. (Hmm, perhaps this means I need a Blackberry or an iTouch or some other newfangledy electronicky gadgety thingy. Mother’s Day is coming . . .) (Not that I don’t like paper-type notebooks. Because I do. Like them. A lot.)

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3 Responses to And I don’t handle loss well

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    I am so pathetic. I have a little moleskin in my bag and it is filled with bits I mean to blog later.

  2. zstitches says:

    I’m sure many of those turn into excellent posts. I think I need to adopt a new spin and say that we are pioneers of a great new art form. (We, and millions of others. But do those other millions have blog notebooks? Perhaps it’s only the few and finest who keep a blog notebook.)

  3. American Yak says:

    For all y’alls info, I think the Mormon Mommy Blogosphere (Momogosphere) is the keenest.

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