New baby brain lapses

My cognition’s gone missing, and here are a couple stories of just how bad it’s gotten:

Last Saturday we took Hazel to my sister-in-law Amy’s studio for photos. I asked Amy what we should bring and she said to bring any favorite blankets or outfits, etc. So that morning I was thinking how I didn’t have any really nice or pretty baby blankets and how I’d been meaning to make or buy some. Then I took a nap and dreamed that I found a really pretty blanket I’d made when Rose was a baby and I could use that. And then I woke up and was sad it was a dream. And THEN we got to the studio and were talking and suddenly I remembered that I DID make a pieced quilt when Rose was a baby, that would have looked very nice in photos. And a couple of days after that, I remembered another pretty baby quilt we have — that we’ve been using like a sheet in Hazel’s cradle. In plain sight.

A couple days after that, I was making appointments for well-child checkups for my kids. I was making an appointment for Rose and Henry and trying to make it for after school hours so that Isaac could babysit. When the doctor didn’t have any time slots late enough, I took an earlier appointment and said “I’ll just have to get a babysitter.” Only an hour or two later did I realize that the receptionist might have wondered (and I also should have wondered) why I would need a babysitter to stay with the little kids while I was bringing the kids to the doctor. (In my defense, I had to go to LOTS of doctor visits for myself over the last several months, and did need a babysitter for those.)

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5 Responses to New baby brain lapses

  1. MindyHymas says:

    LOL! Hmmm, I don’t have a new baby so what can my excuse be? Haha.

  2. Virginia Wood says:

    I think there are published, scientific studies that show that pregnancy does, in fact, deplete brain cells. If I just made that up, well, then what’s my excuse?

    Aunt Ginger

  3. ashley says:

    I always have a hard time remembering my children’s birthdays when I am the doctors office. I am sure the receptionist is thinking “These are your kids right?!?”

  4. zstitches says:

    Me, too, Ashley — and in fact one time my dad was asking for all my kids’ info for genealogy and I sent it off and then my mom asked, “I thought Henry’s birthday was on (such and such a day)” and she was right — I’d gotten his birthday wrong.

  5. Cheryl says:

    The second portion made me laugh out loud! hehe I’m glad Hazel’s hips are fine! 🙂 Hey, is there a day you would like me to help with lunch or something?

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