Night and day difference

Yesterday I was actually feeling pretty energetic, even a little euphoric, but I knew things could change quickly once I’d had a few sleepless nights. My wisdom-born-of-experience proved right: Hazel’s got night and day switched. I predicted that, since she was always at her most active when I was online late at night or was trying to sleep. Still, I didn’t quite expect her to stay awake wanting to nurse all night last night. First thing this morning I sent Dean out to buy her a pacifier — I know it might mess with her learning to nurse, but she’s already pretty good at nursing, and I was tired of being a human pacifier.

This morning I did get two or three good hours of sleep in, followed by breakfast and a shower (which is as much as any new mom can hope for on a good day.) Then Hazel and Dean took a long afternoon nap and I couldn’t decide what to do with myself — send out birth announcement emails to those who aren’t on Facebook/don’t read my blog? Clean the kitchen? Sew? Do some laundry? Finish unpacking stuff from the hospital? Finish writing about Hazel’s birth in my journal? Run a load of laundry? Give Hazel her first bath at home and play dress-up with her? Or any number of a hundred other little things? So I spent some time reading others’ blogs (and stumbled across a post where someone misses having babies and wishes they could revisit one day with one of their newborn babies — not a good post for me to read when I already feel like time is slipping away (and I’m probably about to hit the baby blues,) and then I forced myself to lie down and get a little nap, and then I woke Dean up (because he told me he needs to finish a grant proposal by Monday that’s not very far along) and then I fed Hazel and now I think Dean’s taking Rose and Henry on a walk, for some reason, and Mabel’s watching Hazel suck on her pacifier, and, um, huh, what? Sorry, I think I just fell asleep. And now I’m going to go sew! clean! unpack! email! sleeeeeeeeeep . . .

Actually Mabel says Hazel won’t keep her binky in her mouth and she thinks Hazel wants to nurse. So, okay. Bye.

(Watch this space for lots more scintillating posts like this one over the next days. And nights.)

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9 Responses to Night and day difference

  1. marymary says:

    Ah, the panic that can accompany a few moments of precious free time. I know it well. I vote for: 1) sleep, 2) write about Hazel’s birth in your journal. Not writing down any of my baby’s birth stories while they were fresh is one of my biggest regrets. (I hope this regret doesn’t turn into “not writing them down ever.” Sigh.)

  2. Kristina says:

    She really is very beautiful, and I rarely say that about newborns. Most of them look like old men.

  3. Hi Family,

    Hazel is absolutely perfect!!! Zina, you sound like you had her a month ago and not just this past week. I am sure you are glad to have delivery over and the baby come out as healthy and beautiful as ever.

    Love you all so much,

    Mom Wheeler

  4. She is such a precious, beautiful little baby. What an incredible blessing. May you get some much needed sleep and have a quick recovery!!! Congratulations on such a treasure!

  5. Pilcrow says:

    Your new blog banner is the best.

  6. Danielle says:

    I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to hear the details of her birth story (assuming you post it anyway – I love reading birth stories!!!). I am sending some good sleep vibes your way – it can go a long way in combatting the blues. She’s adorable!

  7. Becky Welch says:

    I haven’t been to your blog in a long while. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Being a non-blogger myself, I forget to think in a bloggish way when needing family news. Somehow, I still think my phone will ring when something important has happened! I rushed to your blog to see the new baby pics as soon as I heard the news. See? Eventually someone told me over the phone about your new baby, even though by then it was no longer breaking news. ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s a lovely addition to your wonderful and growing family. We are so very happy for all of you!
    Becky ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. jenlinmin says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  9. emily says:

    Congrats Zina. She is beautiful. I hope the baby blues stay far from your home and her days/nights get turned around sooner than later. I’m so happy for you….and a wee bit jealous of all the pink:)

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