I should go on semi-bedrest more often

(Warning: this post talks about mundane tasks as though they were exciting, and also uses excessive parentheses.)

I woke up this morning with more tasks in mind that needed doing than you could shake a very large stick at. Or anyway you could shake that stick really hard and it wouldn’t even make a dent in the heaping pile of tasks (since they’re, um, not actually a true pile, but just a list in my mind.) ANYWAY, since then I’ve been working diligently at stuff that can be done with minimal physical exertion (sorting laundry, folding laundry, cutting tags out of hand-me-down baby clothes and writing the size into the back with a fine-tip fabric marker (it turns out that Rose’s infancy predated the printed-rather-than-sewn tags,) paying bills, clipping coupons and throwing away expired ones, nagging kids to do their chores, blah blah blah blah blah.) Meanwhile, Dean started out using our vapor cleaner (thing that shoots steam, but if they called it a steam cleaner people would picture a carpet-cleaning steam cleaner, so they call it a vapor cleaner to distinguish it from that,) so anyway he used it to clean the kids’ old booster car seats (we took the covers off and washed them a few days ago,) then he reassembled the infant car seat (which is about to expire, so will be discarded as soon as the new one I just ordered this morning arrives, but we need the old one to be ready for use in case the baby comes before the new car seat does,) and then he moved on to vapor-cleaning our blinds, then vacuumed the lint off the ceiling fan in the kitchen, then vacuumed the dust from the top of the kitchen cupboards (which we’ve never done in 5+ years of living here, although it already needed doing when we moved in,) then stood on a ladder and used a broom to get the dust and cobwebs out of the corners of the kitchen ceilings (on top of where the pantry juts out he found a dishcloth, a “sticky hand,” and two wilted balloons) and now he’s outside removing wasps’ nests from our porch and washing the front windows.

Be still my heart.

My mental pile of tasks is still boundless, (sew bassinet sheets, mend and iron this ‘n’ that, pay more bills, finish sorting out hand-me-down baby clothes, apply for the rebate for the new insulation in our attic, find out what information we’ll need for Rose’s kindergarten registration next week, help choose the paint for the girls’ room, send Dean to get new church shoes for Mabel and to buy lots of groceries and fill the tank of the minivan and take it to the car wash, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and oh yeah get plenty of rest to keep my blood pressure down.) But the fresh absence of cobwebs in my kitchen, and the sight of Dean spontaneously going to town on spring cleaning, have already made this an unusually fine Saturday. (Exciting exciting exciting!) And Mabel even says she spotted a daffodil starting to peek out of the soil.

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10 Responses to I should go on semi-bedrest more often

  1. I think I am going to go on bedrest even though I am not pregnant.

  2. Thora says:

    No kidding, even reading this makes me feel more productive. (well, my husband is cooking dinner, and I’m sitting here reading blogs, so I’m vicariously feeling productive.) When are you due?

    • zstitches says:

      Thora, I forgot to answer your question: I’m due March 6th, in less than 2 weeks. I’ve had my babies as early as 4 days early and as late as 9 days late, so there’s plenty of suspense.

  3. Mrs. Organic says:

    That’s quite a pile of tags there. And you’ve reminded me that I need to attack some newly noticeable cobwebs (that I seem to forget about until I lay down at night and see them in the lamplight).

    Sounds like the nesting has kicked into high gear for both of you.

  4. Kristina says:

    This makes me tired!

    Oh, and we did miss you at the meet and greet today! I totally thought of you.

  5. zstitches says:

    Thanks! I’m glad if I had to miss the fun I at least got clean windows. Dean and I are both pretty worn out now but we did make even more of a dent in the task list this afternoon. (And now it’s time for dinner and the kids’ baths and all that. And THEN, we’ll relax.)

  6. Melanie J says:

    Okay, I’m going to ask a dumb question. Why are you cutting out the tags?

    Oh, wait. Is it so they won’t be itchy?

    Nevermind. I fgured it out.

  7. Jennette says:

    I love productive days!! Congrats.

  8. zstitches says:

    Yup, Melanie, that’s why. I used to not cut them out in case I wanted to sell the clothes on eBay or something, but I figure after being worn by at least two or three babies they won’t be so very resellable anyway.

  9. zstitches says:

    Thanks, Jennette! Today Dean and I are both good and tired. Thanks goodness for Sundays.

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