A record number of anxieties in one dream fragment

I was living with my mom, who was living in a decrepit, rambling old house, and I was trying to fix up a livable bedroom for myself in a junk-filled room. Then I was carrying around my newborn baby on my hip. She was an enormous baby; we held her up next to 2-year-old Henry and she was taller than him. I seemed to recall that I’d delivered her at home the day before, and when I asked why I’d had to have a home delivery, I was told that the birth happened so fast we couldn’t get to a hospital in time. I wondered who had cut the cord and cleaned up the mess. I asked whether we’d remembered to weigh and measure her, and we hadn’t, so I found a scale and weighed her and then laid her on my ruled sewing table to measure her (she was 22 inches.) Then I remembered she’d been an in vitro baby, and I was trying to figure out who her genetic parents were. She had chin-length wavy brown hair and freckles, and looked a little bit like Dean, so I was hoping he was the father. I was trying to remember whether Dean and I were married, and I thought we were, but I wasn’t sure. I also thought I might have had the baby as a surrogate mom, and was baffled as to why I would do that, when I had wanted a baby of my own so much.

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14 Responses to A record number of anxieties in one dream fragment

  1. Thank goodness it was a dream/nightmare.

  2. Annette says:

    Bizarre what our brains can cook up!

  3. Kristina says:

    I’m sure means you are still going to have a bunny baby.

  4. Mrs. Organic says:

    Don’t you just love estrogen-fired dreams?

  5. Aunt Ginger says:

    Rose-Ellen (expecting her 2nd baby) is also having amazingly vivid and bizarre dreams. One of her latest dreams included hubby changing the new baby with knives, axes, swords and other sharp things within the baby’s reach. I think there’s a book idea here somewhere . . . . Dreams from the Womb, or something like that!

    Aunt Ginger

  6. Lili says:

    Oh. And I meant to say I only dreamed I had a bad haircut. (But it was a really bad haircut)

  7. Mariko says:

    I must say, you have a good memory. Did you wake up relieved or scared out of your mind?

  8. zstitches says:

    Relieved, definitely.

  9. Sue says:

    I was so confused for a minute there until I saw the bit about this being a dream. NOW I get it. :>

  10. zstitches says:

    🙂 Yeah, I’m always forgetting whether Dean and I are really married. (In my nightmares.)

  11. zstitches says:

    Aunt Ginger — I spared my blog readers my worst pregnancy dream ever, a couple of months ago. I did tell my family about it (because my personality is such that I can’t keep things like that *entirely* to myself) and I think my mom actually prayed I wouldn’t have another dream like that. So this seemed fairly mild to me by comparison. That knives and swords one is pretty scary though.

    Congratulations to Tyler and Rose-Ellen! When’s the baby due?

  12. Aunt Ginger says:


    I’d sent this to your email account, Zina, but I don’t know your e-address.
    Rose-Ellen isn’t really sure of her due date yet. She was still nursing Natalie when she found out she was pregnant. Natalie just turned one on Feb. 6. Rose-Ellen’s cycle has not returned since her pregnancy with Natalie so she has no way of positively identifying when she got pregnant. She took a test after noticing that she was hugely sensitive to smells and felt horribly nauseated after smelling and eating some eggs. Yup! It was a positive test. She has an appointment later in the month for a sonogram. She thinks she is due in September. Rose-Ellen and Tyler are living in Spokane where he is going to Gonzaga law school.

  13. the MomB says:

    Don’t want to steal Zina’s thunder–just want to mention that the prenatal nightmares are over. Hazel born 1:36 a.m., Thursday, 26 February; 6 lb 11 oz, 18″, very beautiful.

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