Rose, endless fount of wisdom

“‘Maybe’ is Spanish for ‘no.'”


“‘Stomach’ is Spanish for ‘tummy.'”


Rose:  “I’m really going to miss Brocko [toy monkey] and Lambie when they go on their trip tomorrow.”

Zina:  “Maybe you can go on the trip with them.”

Rose:  “No, I have to stay home, and they have to go on a long trip.”

Zina:  “How far away are they going?”

Rose:  “Twenty seconds.”

Zina:  “And how long will they be gone?”

Rose:  “Sixty seconds.”

Zina:  “Yeah, I guess you’ll really miss them.”

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6 Responses to Rose, endless fount of wisdom

  1. Love the kid conversations.

  2. Annette says:

    Those 60-second trips will sure take it out of ya. 🙂

  3. artificialgrape says:

    Those are great. You need to submit them to Overheard in the Ward.

  4. marymary says:

    Rose, endless fount of entertainment.

  5. Melanie J says:

    At least she claims it’s a real language. My son just makes up gobbledy-gook and says it’s alien. Okay…

  6. zstitches says:

    Melanie, how do you know it’s not alien?

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