Kids these days

Isaac discovered recently that he can buy tiny plastic Pokemon figures for .99 on eBay with free shipping from China or England. I don’t know how the sellers are managing to make money that way, but Isaac’s already had one arrive (it took several weeks) and is waiting on another. To win his bids I showed him how to use a sniping website, but then that website became defunct, so he’s been bugging me to find another. And by bugging me, I mean that, for example, he woke me up at 6:30 this morning asking about it. I told him to let me sleep. When I woke up, he said, “I left a window open with a sniping website open for you to check out. I looked at several, and one of them would only give you 5 free snipes a week, and another one you had to sign up and you got a certain number of free snipes per week, but this one looks like it’s all free.” [I haven’t investigated the website yet. Parents these days can be slow to get around to things.]

Later this morning, Mabel was downstairs working on her poster on the planet Mercury (which she’s been very excited to do,) and she called up to me, “Mom, how do you make the little circle for Celcius in Microsoft Word?” I called back, “I don’t know. And I can’t help you with that right now.” A bit later: “Mom, where’s the ‘Number Lock’ key?” “It’s on the keypad –” “Oh, yeah, I see it.” A couple minutes later: “I found out how to make the Celcius circle! I used WikiHow. I asked ‘How do you make the little Celcius circle?’ and it told me to hold down Alt and Number Lock and then type four numbers. And it worked!”

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3 Responses to Kids these days

  1. UnkieJas says:

    When I was eight…no, I was probably twelve. Gee, golly.

  2. American Yak says:

    Yeah. I use the alt key all the time for the m-dash:

    alt + 0151 =

    You don’t actually have to hold down the number key. It’s just that if you don’t have it in number mode, it won’t work. There’s a whole milieu of numbers, each correlating to a symbol/character.

    alt 1 = ☺
    alt 2 = ☻
    alt 3 = ♥
    alt 123456789 = §

  3. Anneke says:

    On a Mac, it’s just Option-Zero. This is an example of why, all other factors considered, I will always prefer a Mac. I wrote all my French papers in college on my Mac, where characters like é, à, ç, î, œ are all two- or three-key combinations. To do them on a PC, you have to use a 4-number code for each, which is just superfluous in my mind.

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