Travel tips from Rosie

Rose: “I’m sad because we didn’t go on a trip.”

Me: “You like going on trips, don’t you? Where would you want to go?”

Rose: “Uh, Utah. And one of those places that has stairs, and doors, and swimming pools, and new play places, and you have to use a card to open the doors.”

Me: “Those places are fun, aren’t they?”

Rose: “Yeah! And I love going on airplanes. But if we go to one of those places that has doors, and stairs, and new play places, then if there’s no food then the people will get hungry. So we should bring lots of food in our bags so we have food to eat. And you should remember to bring your iPod so we can listen to music and talking and I can watch shows on it.”

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4 Responses to Travel tips from Rosie

  1. Cheryl Bishop says:

    I want to go to ‘one of those places with doors, stairs and swimming pools’ too! Maybe we all need a break from the (new) snow.
    I’m sorry you’re still sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Annette says:

    My kids seriously want to go on a trip to a hotel. They don’t care if it’s right here in the same city. They just think the rooms and the pool and all that are way cool.

  3. zstitches says:

    Cheryl, shall I assume this meant you got my phone message? I just made the kids clean up the living room just in case, but now I’m sure you’re not coming I’ll go take a nap. Thanks, and really do consider me visited. Oh, by the way Henry and I did start taking an antibiotic yesterday, but it’s not certain whether we have a viral or bacterial thing so it’s not certain we’re not contagious. And he and I are both still having periodic fits of frenzied coughing.

    Annette, I’ve heard both my sister and cousin say the same thing — that after taking their kids to some great destination, all the kids really remembered about the event was swimming in the hotel pool.

  4. Jessie W. says:

    Rose is certainly a hip traveler, even at her young age she has the wisdom to know that in order to travel well on a plane one MUST have the essentials of food and i-pod, lol! Can you download kids shows for free on those things even? LOL! She’s adorable!

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