If I was a snake I would have bit you

I’m in a fairly new Relief Society Presidency* and yesterday afternoon after doing Visiting Teaching interviews**, we were standing in the kitchen of the RS President’s home, chatting. The RS Pres. mentioned that someone in the ward was thinking of hosting a baby shower for three pregnant women in the ward who are all due around the same time. She started listing the pregnant women: “P., and A., and . . . oh who is the other one? I just can’t think who it is.” Her husband joked, “Well, I’m not pregnant,” and I thought how I obviously couldn’t make that joke. I started racking my brain — I remembered that, before A. announced her pregnancy, P. and I had had a conversation about being the only two pregnant women in the ward, so I was thinking there must be some new member whose pregnancy I just hadn’t heard about. The RS Pres. went on to say that she was concerned about the burden of guests having to come up with three gifts, and how she thought maybe the guests could just contribute to a group fund that could be divided between the three pregnant women, and the conversation went on that way until someone (I don’t remember who,) said, “Well, Zina’s pregnant.” The Pres. whacked her forehead and said, “That’s who it is!” and added, “I’m so sorry! It’s been a long day.” I laughed and said, “I was wondering who else it might be. It’s like where you’re looking for your pencil and it’s tucked behind your ear.”

Update: When I told my mom this story, she wanted to know whether I had suspected it was me the RS Pres was forgetting. The answer is that, while the thought certainly crossed my mind, I thought she must not be since I was standing right in front of her with my big pregnant belly prominently displayed, but also, I didn’t want to suggest that it might be me because if it wasn’t I didn’t want them to feel like they had to change the shower to be for FOUR pregnant women, and anyway with four kids’ worth of gear and two girls’ worth of hand-me-downs, I really don’t need a shower.

*The Relief Society is the women’s organization in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and every congregation has a Presidency made up of a President, 1st Counselor, 2nd Counselor, and Secretary who are called as volunteers and serve for a couple to a few years.

**Visiting teaching is where all the women of the ward visit each other in teams of two to provide friendship and gospel teaching and see that everyone is watched over and cared for. Our interviews were to find out whether any changes needed to be made to current partnerships, etc.

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