Blog going into actual imaginary status. Blame it on the ankles.

I actually have quite a few blogging ideas lately, but sitting at the computer is getting hard to do, and it seems I’ve used up my sitting allocation making really long comments on other people’s blogs. At some point I might make those count double by copying some of them over to here, but at the moment I don’t even have the energy to do that. So anyway, just picture lots of entertaining posts in this space. Because that’s totally how it looks in my imagination.

Bunnies on bedrest

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3 Responses to Blog going into actual imaginary status. Blame it on the ankles.

  1. Oh how cute. Where did you get that bunnies on bedrest picture.

    I’m sorry you’re on bedrest already. You still have 7 weeks right?

    Poooor thing. You and Tamn both. I will send my peeps over with some whipped cream and Code Red Mountain Dew.

  2. zstitches says:

    Thanks, CTD! I made the bedrest image myself in Photoshop — I’ve got a dumb running gag with bunnies going on. And I’m not on real bedrest (anymore than TAMN is) (which I’m grateful for,) it’s just getting harder and harder to get out of bed. Also in the post I forgot to mention that Henry was up twice in the night two nights ago (just coughing, but enough to wake him up) and Rose was up twice last night, and one of those times she was throwing up. So I have reasons to be tired in addition to the issues with swollen ankles.

    And, yes, 7 weeks — wow, you have a good memory.

  3. Anneke says:

    Oh man! I hope those bunnies are comfortable bedfellows. 🙂 O daiji ni!

    (That’s Japanese for “treat yourself like an important thing.”)

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