Makes you wonder what Gary Larson’s doodles were like when he was eight

My sweet pretty little daughter Mabel? This was one of her doodles during church today:

The caption says, “I think I’m sorry for eating your cookies now.”

(Mabel also likes to draw pretty girls and kittens, if you were wondering.)

Note: Although Dean says “It’s your blog,” he also says he wouldn’t put this on a blog, and thinks it would be seen as sacrilegious. In case you’re one who takes it that way: I think Mabel was just experimenting with the idea of someone doling out an extreme punishment for a trivial offense. And since Jesus was not only perfectly innocent but also the Savior of the world, His crucifixion was even more unwarranted than that of a cookie thief — and I do think Mabel understands that.

Update: Mabel says “It’s not exactly that, it’s just because I drew it when we were in church and that’s practically all I could think about, but after I drew it I realized people might think I was making fun of the crucifixion, so I kind of wish you hadn’t put this on your blog, because people are going to think I’m so bad.”

(Obviously, I don’t think she’s bad. And she says that with this explanation, she’s okay with my leaving it here.)

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7 Responses to Makes you wonder what Gary Larson’s doodles were like when he was eight

  1. Lili says:

    Oh. My.
    When I was maybe 12, I wrote the following poem:

    The shutter opens;
    The people are relieved.
    Billy’s body is dangling by his head;
    But he can still see the people laughing.

    The world is full of hate.

    Billy Needed to die.

    It’s about the hanging of a western bandit–a bad guy.
    It was purely an experiment–I wanted to see if I could be somewhat ambiguous but still tell a story…
    It was also playful–I knew full well that it was morbid.
    Anyway, the poem really worried Aunt Bonnie. That I remember.

    Maybe Mabel and I share some of the same genes.

  2. American Yak says:

    I like them both, for their honesty if anything.

  3. zstitches says:

    Both of what or whom? You mean you like both Mabel and Lili? Both Mabel’s and Lili’s creative efforts?

  4. libilu says:

    Oh, you’ll have to ask me sometime later to show you my poem titled “Devil’s Lair” that I wrote in sixth grade. It’s dark, trust me. And not really about a devil’s lair.

    I used to fantasize about being famous for my morbid and thought-provoking poetry.

    Except for that my poetry WASN’T thought-provoking.

  5. zstitches says:

    I’d love to see your poem, Libilu.

  6. American Yak says:

    I like both of them; all of the above. Both the expressions and the people who created them.

  7. Jessie W. says:

    Mabel’s drawing is hilarious, especially with the little caption added! I got tears in my eyes laughing so hard! Your kids are so funny Zina, and so creative, lol. And I don’t think it was sacrilegious. She’s still innocent, lol.

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