When your name is Rose, you get a lot of mentions in poetry and song

I wish I had good light and enough time to video Rosie this morning, because she’s cracking me up. I’ll have to settle for a quick blog post.

She shows me something she’s built from Duplos:

“It’s a beautiful, colorful bird! See, he has a pattern — blue, red, yellow, green — and these are his wings, and his mouth, and these are his other wings for flying down. And inside of him he has lots of dirty blood and poop! But actually he doesn’t have dirty blood and poop inside of him. And if he gets a little cut and his blood comes out, he’ll have to get lots of rest.”

A couple minutes later I stop her and Henry from tousling on my bed, so instead she gets him to hold hands with her, and they circle while she sings, “Ring around the Rosie.” (Henry especially relishes the “all fall down” part.) Then she announces, “I made up a new one of this for my new class,” and this time sings, “Ring around the Henry, pocket full of daisies . . .” and, on the next round, “Ring around the birdie, pocket full of twirtie.”

[Update a few minutes later]

“I chose my red shoes because I have red socks and red squigglies on my shirt! And I’m going to have a pattern: red shoes, black shoes, red shoes, black shoes. I’ll wear my black shoes tomorrow, then red the next day, then black! And it’s going to be really silly and fun!” Me: “Silly and fun?” “Yeah, and FUNNY!”

(By the way, I’m pretty sure all this pattern stuff comes from her kids’ TV shows, where they emphasize recognizing patterns since it’s supposed to help with reading and math skills. Also, I remember that when I played with Legos as a kid (or Loc Blocs anyway — we had the cheapy rip-offs) I was all about making patterns with the colors — in fact, that’s what I was doing when I played with Henry’s Duplos just yesterday.)

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3 Responses to When your name is Rose, you get a lot of mentions in poetry and song

  1. zstitches says:

    I fear she learned the “Dirty Blood” thing from me. But I have nothing to do with the poop. Stop looking at me like that!!!! I swear, I have nothing to do with the poop!
    -Angry Mabel the Mubble the Wobbly Bubble

  2. Jessie W. says:

    Ring around the birdie, pocket full of twirtie! Oh my goodness, its great that you have a blog to remember these hilarious little moments! Precious!

  3. Jessie W. says:

    P.S. The dirty bird and poop thing, yeah, that was just creepy, but equally funny, lol!

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