Whenever a movie or TV show portrays an adult reading to a child or children, the children are always listening quietly, with rapt attention. Whereas, just now while Dean was reading “The Serious Farm” to Rose and Henry, Henry was shouting out the names of all the animals, and Rose was simultaneously continuously interrupting Dean loudly with corrections and additions. (Or, as Isaac just said, “Corrections, and irrelevant factoids.”)

But maybe that’s just my kids.

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5 Responses to Lies

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    Here, we get corrections and irrelevant questions.

  2. Lili says:

    haha, Henry is the funniest to read to. He get so excited and talkative. I will never forget reading “Cat Kong” to him–that’s the first time I saw him turn into a real chatterbox (though, in the past 2 months he’s really been coming to his own and become quite comfortable around most of us–he scowl/glares at me a lot less now, and prattles on and on)

  3. marymaryQCinotherwordsyoursister says:

    Ellen would be trying to sit on my head, or taking the book away to turn to another page.

  4. Trina says:

    Yes, of course it’s just your kids. 🙂 I read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” to the boys one evening before Christmas, and I believe Marcus spent the entire 100-ish pages listening WHILE doing somersaults over the back of the couch. Flip, land, repeat; flip, land, repeat. . .

  5. zstitches says:

    Lli, yes, Henry is finally taking an interest in talking, isn’t he? It’s so fun.

    Mrs. O, MMQCinotherwordsmysister, and Trina: I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s not having a Hollywood experience reading to my kids. An,d Trina that sounded SO familiar, and I’m VERY impressed with your patience. Isaac saw your comment and said “I just run into and out of the room,” which is very true — also, I had to make him get off the leather couch when we watched “Enchanted” because the song-and-dance numbers (especially the one where she breaks into song in Central Park) made him so miserably uncomfortable (he considers that kind of public performing “awkward,” with awkward being a VERY negative adjective,) that he could NOT sit still and kept making the couch squeak with his tormented squirming.

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