My sprites

Dis is a guest post by nerd/dork/whatsisbukkit Ike. I is gunna give my sprites(combinations of pokemon’s pictures) to you peapleziz. I madez dem in Photoshop. (I is a bad grammar-ist. In case you not knowed dat.)

Composed of Beldum, Aggron and Metang

Composed of Swampert and Infernape

Composed of Empoleon and Sceptile

Composed of Charmander and Pikachu

Composed of Yoshi(not a Pokemon) and Dragonite

Composed of Charmander and Totodile

Composed of Dragonite and Salamence, flame is clip art

Composed of Registeel, Regirock and Regice

Composed of Feraligatr and Armaldo


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11 Responses to My sprites

  1. zstitches says:

    I really likes to make dem. Iz a hobby.
    -Ick(I, Ike, go by that nickname at school.)

  2. Lili says:

    Hey Ike! Way to blog! I’m very impressed with your creations. I never learned to do anything on photoshop until I was in my 20s (of course, Photoshop didn’t exist until my late teens…)
    Still, very cool

  3. Acheté says:

    Very cool. Nintendo should hire you to design new Pokémon characters.

  4. Pilcrow says:

    Good grammar is overused.

    I really like the Yoshi hybrid. Does Mario still get to ride?

    Can you fuse a dark/light Pokémon? If so I shall dub it Antipodémon.

  5. zstitches says:

    Pilcrow- does you mean by dark/light Pokemon a dark version and light version of de same pokemon, or something else?

  6. zstitches says:

    And I might take some sprite requests. That would be meaning you request a combination of certain pokemon.

  7. American Yak says:

    Yeah, I like Yoshite, too.

    Maybe mix Yoshite with Sasquatch?

  8. Pilcrow says:

    Nay, I mean a new mashup dark/light sprite.

  9. Grandma says:

    You go by ICK at SCHOOL? You DO? That is ICKY! You must have HILARIOUS FRIENDS!

    I love your pokreature combinations, but I want one of your own invention called–get ready–

    ICKYMON ! ! !

    Grandmother Elizabeth

  10. zstitches says:

    I maded one out of my 2 faevitts, but i is too lazy to make it on line.

  11. Alex says:

    Bam is my favorite (including the name).

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