Only six? And can they be concrete rather than abstract? (Oooh, tags can be so hard for people with borderline OCD)

Darlene tagged me, and since I’m hoping that means she’s forgiven me for talking about politics in her comments a while ago when she’d said she didn’t want political comments, I think I’d better do the tag, to help reverse any evil blog-related curses I may have incurred.

The tag: List 6 random, abstract, weird things about me.

1. Every day I ingest food, use complex biological processes to convert it to energy, and excrete the waste.

2. I am harboring a 3 lb. parasitic life form inside me, which in a couple of months will be able to survive outside my body. I plan to feed it by allowing it to extract a liquid form of nourishment from my body.

3. I love pickled herring and smoked oysters. I especially like to eat them at holidays. Dean does not like anything about them, including their smell, so I have to stay out of range of where he can smell my breath on holidays. Since absence makes the heart grow fonder, this makes our holidays especially romantic, as he looks lovingly at me from across the room (which he would totally do if he weren’t so busy collecting pieces of Triforce and battling Ganondorf.)

4. I always wanted a lot of kids, and the psychological power of denial has helped me to still want lots of kids, in spite of 11+ years of having had to live with them.

5. Dean and I lived in Amman, Jordan for 9 months when we were newlyweds.  How this came to be is a long story, but the gist is that I was young, foolish, in love, and willing to follow him anywhere.  The main thing I have retained from the experience is the ability to say “Please don’t smoke, I’m pregnant,” in Arabic. (Sarcasm aside, it actually was a great experience.)

6. No matter how many random, abstract, weird things about myself I have come up with during a day, I won’t be able to recall more than five once I get my fingers on a keyboard. (Or more than six, depending on how you keep score.)

I tag: anyone willing to be tagged, especially Mary and Suzy (you can email me yours or put them in a comment.)

Update: I just learned that it is difficult to find an appealing image of pickled herring with a Google Image search.

Also, I’m thinking it would almost be worth it to put on my coat and boots and drive through the ice and slush to get to my mom’s house, where the pickled herring is.  Dean’s Triforce-collecting is going well, so I doubt he’d miss me.

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13 Responses to Only six? And can they be concrete rather than abstract? (Oooh, tags can be so hard for people with borderline OCD)

  1. Melanie J says:

    You are so weird. Love it.

  2. marymaryQCinotherwordsyoursister says:

    I almost started a blog just now, inspired by you tagging me combined with overhearing a hilarious exchange between two of my children. I went so far as to fill out a wordpress form. But the first user name I chose was taken, and I can’t start a blog until I can secure a good title. Because, you know, eventually it might be my “brand,” and it has to be right. So, I guess I can’t start a blog yet. Title/brand suggestions, anyone?

  3. mdrinkwater says:

    Do you like wordpress best?

  4. mdrinkwater says:

    Blogger? Typepad? Comments, anyone?

  5. Kristina says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a tag from you! And I’ve never tried pickled herring but it sounds disgusting!

  6. zstitches says:

    Mary, I TOTALLY know what you mean about the brand name thing. I think that’s one reason I ended up with WordPress — because my chosen blog name was taken in Blogger. (The owner appeared to be some kid in India who had written one post three years ago and never anything more.) That’s also why I don’t have an Etsy account — because what if I decide to sell on Etsy some time and am stuck with a lousy user name?

    I’m reasonably happy with WordPress, although my chosen template annoys me sometimes. I went with WordPress on cousin Dan’s recommendation but didn’t realize he meant to self-host (by paying a hosting service) and then use free WordPress software. (Instead I use free hosting through WordPress, which is pretty good (and mostly uses the same software I think) but gives less flexibility.) Since I only used Blogger for a couple weeks, I can’t really give much of a comparison. I do think Blogger has some nice options that WordPress doesn’t, but the reverse is probably also true. And I got weary of the template options in Blogger. But maybe you can design your own templates using either host. (If you can, I haven’t tried it. But I think the best you might be able to do is find a template that allows for a custom header.)

    I think typepad is a paid thing intended for commercial sites/bloggers, and I thought it was pretty pricey, if I remember right. And I was reading a blog last night by a well-known blogger who just redid her whole site in order to leave Typepad, so I think that’s a pretty solid dis-recommendation.

    Do do do start a blog — it doesn’t have to be perfect, just play with it and figure it out as you go. Can you find a variation of the name you were thinking of? I just checked and I *had* found a solution in Blogger — I used my-imaginary-blog with hyphens.

  7. zstitches says:

    Kristina, I’ve done at least two tags in the past, or maybe one, but anyway a WHOLE WHOLE WHOLE lot of them, considering what hard work they are.

  8. Michelle L. says:

    hmm, I was tagged by Darlene too so maybe I’d better get on this one. You’ve set the standard way too high– I certainly can’t be as clever and funny as you!

  9. zstitches says:

    Hi, Michelle — I just spent quite a while looking at all the gorgeous photos on your blog. Which set a standard I could never live up to. You’re doing that camera proud.

  10. Shellie says:

    I loved your first one. and I think you would make a great empress of the world 🙂

  11. zstitches says:

    Shellie, in case you wander back over here, I’d love it if you could tell me *where* I said that Empress of the World thing. I remember saying it, but have no idea where. I guess that’s the drawback to being a profligate commenter on others’ blogs. And to being old and having a bad memory.

  12. MichelleY. says:

    Okay, I had to join the list of “Michelles” in your comments. I am impressed that any of you can find the time to actually create any of these blogs. I feel like I’m lucky just to get a few minutes to take a look! Anyhow…your ‘Jewish cousin from afar’ is feeling like part of the family again and Mazal tov on the upcoming event, March, right? Uri is March 10th, worked well for us! And…if you have a baby on the 10th then I could actually remember one of your brood’s birthdays!!!

  13. zstitches says:

    It’s so good to see you here! It’s been too long since we’ve been up to Seattle (other than for my Grandpa’s funeral.)

    Believe me, I don’t have time to keep a blog — I just do it to avoid things I ought to be doing instead. 🙂 I do have fun with it.

    I’m not sure I want you to start remembering our birthdays since then it would be more obvious how I forget all of yours. But if you want you can remember that my other two girls are also March birthdays. I think I could possibly stand to go four days overdue, so I’ll try to aim for the 10th with this one. I’d love for her to be early, but not if it means she’s born in February and messes up our girls-in-March pattern.

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