Smocking doodle

I was just experimenting with stitches for a dress for Mabel to wear on her baptism day. I haven’t done any smocking in ages, nor any sewing (other than mending) since before Christmas, and it feels SO good to mess around with needle and thread and beautiful fabric. (Mabel’s been warned that this dress may very well not be finished on time, though, and she’s okay with wearing her Christmas dress if it comes to that.)

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2 Responses to Smocking doodle

  1. Robby says:

    Ya know, it hadn’t quite occurred to me, but I think Grandma must be really happy when she sees the needle and thread, the stitch work, the lovely apparel.

  2. Helen Hall says:

    What beautiful smocking! You are so artistic and talented. I hope you get more time to create this dress!

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