When thrift isn’t really that thrifty (but I can’t help myself)

After several weeks away (except for using my cutting table to wrap Christmas presents,) I managed to get back into my sewing room today, and started to dig out from under the ironing and mending projects that had piled up. I ironed 16 items of the kids’ and my clothing (yes, I counted — and that’s only about half of the total backlog,) sewed a button back on to one of my shirts and also a sew-in snap between two buttons where the blouse tends to gap, cut off and hemmed a torn pair of Isaac’s jeans to make shorts, and then spent over an hour on this project:

No, I didn’t do the embroidery, the jeans came with it. What you are looking at is a patched and darned hole — the tear was directly under the large red heart. To mend the knees of these jeans, I used, depending on how you count, at least 7 steps ( or 14 steps if you count both knees):

Ripped open about 10 inches of side seam on each leg;
Dug out my denim scraps and fusing material, and cut two 3.5″ squares of each;
Fused the squares to the back side of each knee;
Used the darning foot to darn over the torn areas of each knee;
Used a multi-step zigzag stitch to stitch around the perimeter of each patch;
Sewed back up the side seams;
Serged the seam allowances of the side seams.

The reason I say this isn’t really thrifty is that these jeans probably only costed about $12 originally, Mabel might outgrow them soon or she could rip them again below the patches, they’re not really like-new again, AND I could have spent that time working on a new project that would have a greater value. I have a huge pile of mending projects I’ll never catch up on, and an even huger fabric stash I SRSLY* will never in this lifetime find time to sew into all the things I want to make, and I often think I’ve got my priorities backwards by doing the mending first.

On the positive side of the ledger, though, I really enjoyed being in my sewing room, hibernating on a very cold, very snowy winter night, and working on something banal. And, hey: it’s a beautiful mend. As mends go.

*That’s my favorite new word this week. Srsly. Yes, we’ve spent a little too much time looking at LOLCats this week. But you gotta love LOLCats. Isaac thinks they’re hilarious, and I love watching him laugh so hard.

Picture taken (probably) just moments before she tore holes in both knees of the jeans

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2 Responses to When thrift isn’t really that thrifty (but I can’t help myself)

  1. Melinda says:

    Gosh Zina, that’s one of the neatest patches I’ve ever seen! I was admiring the embroidery and it wasn’t until I read it that I realised there was a patch there! Well done!

  2. zstitches says:

    šŸ™‚ Thanks. She wore the jeans today and I couldn’t even see the mend, so I guess they actually are about as good as new.

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