Overheard while in the dressing room at T.J. Maxx

‘Tween-sounding kid to parent-sounding adult:

Kid: “At the [such-and-such-Disney-resort-spa,] it costs [one-thousand-and-something-dollars] for one night!

Parent: “Do they include air?”

Kid: “You mean like air to breathe?”

Parent: “Yeah.”


College girl to other college girl:

Girl 1: “Did I tell you my grandmother once paid for me to see a fashion consultant? She told me what colors looked good on me. I don’t remember now what they were — I think turquoise was one of them. I guess you’re doing that for me now — I should have my grandma send you a check! Okay, how does this look?”

Girl 2: “I like that, it’s very ‘of the moment.'”

Girl 1: “Does that mean it’s in fashion?”

Girl 2: “Yeah.”

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