Yesterday in a somewhat-rare burst of energy and ambition, I took all four kids to the library, (where my kids were happy to find all 7 of the “Guardians of Ga’Hoole” books that they hadn’t read yet,) then to Costco to buy a new keyboard (our ten-year-old keyboard finally had died that morning, and since we have a password to sign in to our computer, I couldn’t even mouse-click around the web without a keyboard,) and we stopped at my sister’s house so I could see her Christmas tree, (though we stayed only 5 minutes after she warned us that her oldest daughter had come home from school sick.) By then Dean had finished giving his students their final exam and we met him to go out for dinner.

Rose threw up during dinner. Her vinyl bib with the pocket caught it all except for what went on the floor, so we got her cleaned up relatively easily. Once home, my sister called to warn us that two more of her kids had started throwing up. I told her I couldn’t imagine that five minutes at her house had been enough to pass the sickness on and that we probably picked it up elsewhere, and then she reminded me that our kids had all been together the morning before at her daughter’s Show Day at The Little Gym. Oh, yeah.

Anyway, Rose threw up probably four more times during the night, and Mabel did too, staggered between Rose’s episodes. Mabel is our miracle child who always manages to catch it all in a bowl, so we never had to change her sheets, but Rose would push the bowl away, and we did at least three loads of sheets and blankets during the night.

This morning Mabel is still dry heaving, Rose is cheerful, and Henry and Ike so far still seem healthy. Dean and I had plans to go to the temple this afternoon but we’re going to cancel that, and Dean’s on alert to pick Isaac up from school if he calls home sick.

Oh, and the restaurant we went to last night is the same one where a few weeks ago we had a traumatic dining experience, but since I felt like going there last night I joked to Dean that we needed to relive the experience to get over our Post Traumatic Stress. This time having Henry in a high chair made our meal much more relaxing, and the waitress was very kind to Rose (bringing me a hot washcloth to clean her up,) and Isaac even deigned to try a couple foods and even liked one (the tempura carrots,) so our meal actually wasn’t as unpleasant as last time — but I still can’t help thinking that that restaurant is cursed for us.

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